Jerusalem Herb Chicken Thighs [+Video]

Jerusalem Herb Chicken Thighs is my go-to for an easy, healthy, flavorful chicken dinner! It’s easy to season, cook stovetop and garnish with fresh herbs! Last Christmas I did a Nativity dinner for my family with traditional Jerusalem recipes and this Jerusalem Herbs Chicken Thighs is now part of our dinner rotation. We also make… Continue reading Jerusalem Herb Chicken Thighs [+Video]

Sweet Potato Risotto

Creamy, silky and rich, this Sweet Potato Risotto is a gorgeous recipe just perfect for fall. This tasty risotto has loads of hidden veg too making it a wonderful family friendly meal or side. Marie here again from Sugar Salt Magic and this month I’m feeling ready for this cosy and comforting sweet potato risotto.… Continue reading Sweet Potato Risotto

Mom’s Easy Classic Meatball Recipe [+Video]

A good meatball should be packed with flavor and tender throughout. This is Mom’s Easy Classic meatball recipe and will make perfect meatballs every time! And by mom, I mean me!! I hope this is the recipe our kids will one day make for their kids! This is the first dinner our 5-year-old has eaten… Continue reading Mom’s Easy Classic Meatball Recipe [+Video]

Baked Chicken Taquitos {Plus Airfryer Method!}

There’s nothing quite like easy Mexican food. We love these baked chicken taquitos with a bonus air fryer chicken taquito recipe. They are so flavorful unlike many other taquitos where it’s just chicken and cream cheese. Where’s the oomph?! We area all about the mix ins to take these chicken taquitos from basic to craveable!… Continue reading Baked Chicken Taquitos {Plus Airfryer Method!}

Quick Weeknight Taco Casserole

Taco casserole is an easy weeknight meal made with ground beef that is a great make ahead meal for those busy nights with all the things going on in life. I’m in a different place in life all of a sudden. I’ve got three kids in totally different stages of life and while it should… Continue reading Quick Weeknight Taco Casserole

Grilled Flank Steak- My Favorite Balsamic Marinade

There’s nothing quite like a perfect grilled steak and so I’m sharing my secrets on Grilled Flank Steak and my favorite balsamic marinade.  We went over to one of our friends’ home the other night for dinner. We brought the meat and salad and they supplied side and dessert (oh my gosh it was the… Continue reading Grilled Flank Steak- My Favorite Balsamic Marinade