Wild Rice and Chickpeas with Crispy Shallots [+Video]

This is the best rice side dish recipe I’ve ever made. Jerusalem Wild Rice or Wild Rice and Chickpeas with Crispy Shallots is packed with flavor from the spiced chickpeas and caramelized onions to the juicy craisins with crispy shallots on top!! Last Christmas I did a Nativity dinner for my family with traditional Jerusalem… Continue reading Wild Rice and Chickpeas with Crispy Shallots [+Video]

Sweet Potato Risotto

Creamy, silky and rich, this Sweet Potato Risotto is a gorgeous recipe just perfect for fall. This tasty risotto has loads of hidden veg too making it a wonderful family friendly meal or side. Marie here again from Sugar Salt Magic and this month I’m feeling ready for this cosy and comforting sweet potato risotto.… Continue reading Sweet Potato Risotto

Sausage Stuffing Recipe [+Video]

The stuffing recipe that converted me into a stuffing lover! Full of sausage, fresh herbs and dried cranberries…this stuffing is scrumptious! Ok, I’m not even going to lie, I’ve never loved stuffing. Last Thanksgiving we put a poll on Facebook asking your favorite Thanksgiving side, and the top vote getter was stuffing…by far. WHAT?! Really?!… Continue reading Sausage Stuffing Recipe [+Video]

How to Make the Best Garlic Bread

You know the kind of garlic bread that you can’t resist because it’s so buttery and garlicky and perfect? Well, this is that garlic bread recipe! Ingredients for Garlic Bread There’s no need to go to tons of trouble to make garlic bread. If you have a loaf of french bread ready to go, then… Continue reading How to Make the Best Garlic Bread

Bacon Fried Rice

The most delicious fried rice has to come from using day old rice for that perfect texture, but add in bacon for a bacon fried rice and it’s out of this world! Cade and I got this recipe a long time ago in a cooking class up at BYU-Idaho and we have altered it to… Continue reading Bacon Fried Rice

Spinach Berry Salad with Brown Sugar Almonds and Lemon Dressing

Spinach berry salad with lemon dressing…it seems so simple but then when you get that perfect bite with spinach, berry, and brown sugar almonds, a light lemon dressing, good mercy! Remember that one time when spinach salad was healthy? Well we now it has brown sugar almonds and a sweet dressing full of sugar to… Continue reading Spinach Berry Salad with Brown Sugar Almonds and Lemon Dressing

Chopped Chinese Chicken Salad

Who thinks that the salad dressing is the best part about a salad? I do! Most of the time anyway…the dressing on this Chopped Chinese chicken salad is phenomenal but it’s the crunchy, flavorful veggies and chunks of chicken that really do it for me. Mmmm Asian Chicken Salad for the win. We sent my… Continue reading Chopped Chinese Chicken Salad