Salesforce Announces Vaccine Cloud to Aid COVID-19 Vaccinations

Salesforce has unveiled a new product aimed at streamlining the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.
The company believes Vaccine Cloud is well-placed to support vaccination programs, thanks to its grounding in Salesforce’s existing technology infrastructure.
Vaccine Cloud is built to assist with the organization, monitoring and communication of vaccine programs.
Who Can Use Vaccine Cloud?
Vaccine Cloud is intended to support governments, healthcare groups, businesses and non-profits that are managing the administration of vaccine programs. It is built on the existing Salesforce Customer 360 platform, which includes tools that will aid in the rollout. These are mobility solutions, bots, integration capabilities and more.
The vaccination drive is a huge undertaking, with over 300 million people in the US alone needing to be immunized. It’s an unprecedented scale for such an operation, and many local governments and healthcare groups have been left unprepared for such an event. It makes sense for an organization such as Salesforce to offer its support. As a company that specializes in customer retention management (CRM), it already has the tools to do this at scale.

‘The biggest challenge the world faces right now is orchestrating the distribution of billions of vaccine doses. Technology can play a critical role in ensuring it’s done efficiently, effectively, and equitably’ – Brett Taylor, President and COO of Salesforce

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How Vaccine Cloud Will Help
There are several ways that Salesforce proposes its Vaccine Cloud can be utilized in the immunization drive.
Government agencies and public health agencies will be able to use Vaccine Cloud to monitor progress and ensure that the programs are as effective as possible. Examples of this include ensuring enough doses are available, and monitoring patients. In-built integrations means that this data can be easily shared with other secure platforms.
Healthcare organizations will be able to use Vaccine Cloud to manage their vaccination programs, including inventory and training. The platform will also allow for communication with patients, such as reaching out to them when the second dose of the vaccine is due.
Businesses, retailers and the public can make use of the Vaccine Cloud system to register for vaccination, educate themselves on the process and the drug, as well as using it to share information about their own status. This could help with identifying those that are safe to return to offices or attend events.
Anyone who wants to learn more about Vaccine Cloud and its applications can visit the dedicated site, and watch a demo of the software